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Our beautiful city of Islamabad has been under the threat of being taken hostage by the fanatic brothers of Lal Masjid for the past 6 months. The government, which was reluctant to act against them, has been put in a situation by the over-zealous students, where the gunbattles between rangers and students have started. I hope the land-grabber brothers are taken to task and the elements of intolerance are weeded out from our peaceful Islamabad. They have taken upon themselves to correct the public morals without their own morals and credentials having been tested. Let there be a lesson for all the other aspiring moral gatekeepers to keep their ambitions in control.


Posted July 7, 2007 by shueyb in Islamabad, Lal Masjid

3 responses to “Lal Masjid

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  1. shueyb
    it is good if you re-read your blogs after a while.
    It may also make you laugh 🙂

  2. Hey I just visit your blog and I must say that you have very nice and impressive blog. Keep it up. And you are all very welcome on my blog to some time visit me

  3. aijaz: Yes, Aijaz, they do make me laugh. These may later look stupid, but I would rather not edit them, because the truth of the moment speaks in them.

    weyouth: Thanks for your liking. Your blog is nice too.

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