Mere azizon tamam dukh hai   6 comments

Mere azizon tamam dukh hai

Hayat dukh hai, mamaat dukh hai

Yeh sari mohoom o be-nishan kayenat dukh hai

Wajood dukh hai

Wajood ki yeh namood dukh hai

Yeh hona dukh hai

Na hona dukh hai

Judai to khair aap dukh hai

Milaap dukh hai

Ke milne wale judai ki raat mein mile hain

Yeh zinda rehne ka shauq, yeh ehtemam dukh hai

Kalam dukh hai

Ke kaun keh saka hai jo mawra-e-kalam dukh hai

Mere azizon tamam dukh hai 

Courtesy: Hermes Blue


Posted August 20, 2007 by shueyb in Buddha, Literature, Poetry, Urdu

6 responses to “Mere azizon tamam dukh hai

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  1. It is fantastic you did a brilliant job if u did it by yourself 🙂 Love Sweety You are so cute!

  2. Thanks, Sweety. I am not a poet. But I can appreciate good poetry.

  3. most beautiful lines and fortunately true too!

    i want to know the name of the poet and book name if u can help please

  4. Yes, Sulman these are beautiful lines. Unfortunately I don’t know the name of the poet or I would have credited him.

  5. this nazm is of professor Dr. Aslam Ansari of multan

  6. Thanks Sayien.

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