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New heroes of the nation   Leave a comment

When you find your silent thoughts and feelings acquiring the shape of words, even if someone else’s, it surely feels very good. This is what happened when I read Ayaz Amir’s column in yesterday’s Dawn. He writes:

“Time was when Pakistan had few people to be proud of. Now so many, a whole string of men of integrity and principle who we can look up to, that counting has become difficult. Never was it truer that to the darkest clouds there can be a silver lining. This may be a bleak moment in our history — indeed, perhaps the bleakest — but it has brought out some of the best in the Pakistani nation.”

“All of them — Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, Bhagwandas, Ramday, Javed Iqbal (his stock sky-high), all those in the Supreme Court and the various high courts who have refused to take oath under the Provisional Constitution Order — are today the undisputed heroes of the Pakistani nation.”


Posted November 10, 2007 by shueyb in Politics