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During the 27-years of my existence, one thing I am happy to have learned is to seek and hold truth and facts in highest regard. This is something one may find very difficult because truth often questions one’s beliefs and faith, it may challenge one’s patriotism, it may hurt one’s pride in one’s origins and it may bring oneself out of the comfortable confines of biases indoctrinated since the brain started working. That’s why I keep praying to God to show me the truth and give me the courage to accept it. Not that I am claiming to have known the truth, far from it. What I have found is that the whole truth is not spoken from either side. It’s been mingled so much with fiction and opinions that it’s hard to identify and differentiate it in its pure form from adulterated versions in most cases. This may sound like a confused response to the realities of life, but it’s more principled in my view than taking shelter in the comfort of a dogma which is established around you. In this way, I have become a disagreeable person among my peers, but I think I have broken some of the shackles around my brain.


Posted July 3, 2007 by shueyb

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  1. My dear son…I am proud to know such a person with such vision and such feelings….You are not confused…but are trying to undestand the confusion scattered around you…It is flabergasting and tortoureous….The quest for truth is a journey and a destination in itself…..When we start out…towards it…we are already understanding the value and beauty of it!The road you have taken…has its dimensions….which you will unfold..with the same truthfulness…that you have set out to seek!…It might be lonely at times…but it is so full of wonders and fullfillment…that it envelops you…shunning all the aloness away!The Truth is GOD!…..Our Creator!…The Book!….I am a seeker too…and am trying to be on the path…I too find it difficult”to identify and diffrenciate”But all said …I turn to Quran for guidance….It is NOT a book to be read in another language and put away on the topmost shelf in the room…It surely is a book that can answer ALL questions…asked and unasked!

    My dear son…I am so Proud of you…I pray your life is happy and fullfilled….and the doors of truth and beauty open to you in full splendor!Bless you

  2. I am overwhelmed by the sweetness of your comment. I can only reciprocate in love. Your observations are so apt. Your words sound like the words of a sage. One comes across questions, contradictions and new situations while treading this path where the easiest thing to do would be to move on or look the other way, but that would put one off track.

    I would also like to add that The Book should only be treated as a direct communication between man and God. Every individual’s understanding of the Book as per his or her mental capacity is God’s message for him or her. Why should another human, other than God’s chosen messenger, assume the role of an interpreter of God’s message for us? For that would mean that God’s message is not understandable by the common man for whom it is intended.

    Again, many thanks for your heartfelt wishes and prayers. I had forgotten about this post written more than two years back. I am glad you noticed it and reminded me of it. May God prosper you in peace and health.

  3. Hi, I just read that you’re banned from Google Adsense.

    It’s very sad and unfortunate. What are you’re plans now?


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