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2 weeks in Bahrain   Leave a comment

The narrow lanes of Bahrain are so very similar to the streets of homeland. Old decrepit buildings side by side with new construction. The difference being that the streets are relatively clean and there’s no stench of open gutters. In addition to its oil income, this country thrives on revenues from tourism. To the tourists of neighbouring countries of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar, it offers plenty of avenues of decadence, which they can’t enjoy in their own countries.


Posted August 2, 2007 by shueyb in Bahrain

Bahrain!   Leave a comment

After living for months in the drab city of Riyadh, I am quite excited about my upcoming visit to Bahrain starting Friday. From the most retrogressive of the Arabian peninsula to its most ultra-liberal and as they tell me, the most decadent. Let’s see.

Posted July 17, 2007 by shueyb in Bahrain