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If the goverment committed some mistakes in the way it wound up the operation, that doesn’t make any heroes of the inmates in Lal Masjid, who went down fighting for dubious causes. It’s so disappointing to see political parties, especially the religious ones, springing up to action now after it’s all over to gain political mileage out of the unhappy episode. These so called mullahs and ulema seem jokers to me. Also disappointing is the way many people’s sympathies have turned the other way after the operation. Those, who previously wanted the government to finish them all off, are now blaming the government of committing a crime of such heinous proportions, that according to them, no such example could be found in history!

Satan is most effective when it begins to chant the name of God! These are no conspiracies of the enemies. We are our own enemies.


Posted July 17, 2007 by shueyb in Lal Masjid

Lal Masjid   3 comments

Our beautiful city of Islamabad has been under the threat of being taken hostage by the fanatic brothers of Lal Masjid for the past 6 months. The government, which was reluctant to act against them, has been put in a situation by the over-zealous students, where the gunbattles between rangers and students have started. I hope the land-grabber brothers are taken to task and the elements of intolerance are weeded out from our peaceful Islamabad. They have taken upon themselves to correct the public morals without their own morals and credentials having been tested. Let there be a lesson for all the other aspiring moral gatekeepers to keep their ambitions in control.

Posted July 7, 2007 by shueyb in Islamabad, Lal Masjid