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I registered my blog at wordpress a short while ago. This is truly a me-too blog, for I didn’t feel any genuine need to propagate myself and my views through a blog, but then every other person in whom I could smell some substance had one… and I felt like being left behind. Besides, I was also fascinated by the idea that if I leave a comment on someone’s blog, my name there would turn into a hyperlink, which could lead people to this blog of mine, if any idle soul has nothing better to do than clicking on links randomly. 

But so what, I am here to promote myself! For what? I don’t know, but it will become clear in due course of time, I believe. Besides, I do believe some thoughts emerging in my head are worthy of being put across. Lately, though, there’s an ambivalence about every subject. If someone comes to tell me that he somehow finds those thoughts have some depth, I would be pleased within myself.

Nay, but whatever I do of my own, I do it for self pleasure and satisfaction. I will express my comments here on whatever events I like… and write whatever I choose – but the knowledge that it will be publicly viewable, would put the pressure on me to stay within the limits of acceptability. I will try to resist those pressures.

 I welcome myself to the blogosphere.


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